Subscription and Payment

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Scrum Mate is a premium, yet affordable agile management tool for small and medium businesses. When you first sign-up for Scrum Mate, you can try out all features for a 30-day no-obligation trial.

What is a subscription?

In Scrum Mate, you can manage an unlimited number of projects. When you signed-up for Scrum Mate, an organization is generated for you. The organization is named after you such as, "Yourname's Organization". Each subscription is linked to a single organization.

Subscription plans

You can choose one of the following plans to suit your team’s size. During the 30-day trial period, you can use Scrum Mate with the 'Small' plan, which allows you to invite 14 other users (15 users including you).

Startup Small Medium Large
Up to 7 users
Unlimited projects and boards
Up to 15 users
Unlimited projects and boards
Up to 25 users
Unlimited projects and boards
Up to 50 users
Unlimited projects and boards
$29/month $59/month $99/month $199/month

Setting up the premium plan

When you signed-up for Scrum Mate, you received a free 30-day trial for the ‘Small’ plan.

You are entitled to the 30-day free trial even if you decide to switch to a premium plan. Your credit card won’t be charged until your free trial expires.


Open the ‘Subscription and payment’ panel on your settings page


Click on ‘Go Premium’ button


Click on the plan which is appropriate for you


Scroll down to the Billing info section and enter the required fields for your subscription

The monthly fee will be calculated with the (VAT) Value Added Tax of your residence applied.

If your company is an EU resident, please provide a valid EU VAT number to purchase free of VAT. Companies outside of EU are entitled to purchase free of VAT.


Scroll down to the ‘Payment method’ section and fill in the required fields and press the ‘Set payment method’ button to save your credit card information

Scrum Mate uses the payment service provided by Braintree, a leading payment service provider by Pay-Pal. Scrum Mate has no access to your credit card data.


Press the ‘Start subscription’ button

Thank you, for making Scrum Mate possible!

Update or change your credit card

If your credit card expires or you want to use a different card, you can easily change your payment method.
Click on "Change Payment Method"

Enter your new credit card data

Upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan

The organization owner can change subscription and payment settings at any time.


Select ‘Subscription and payment’ in 'Subscription' section on the left navigation panel on your settings page


Click on the ‘Change plan’ label


Select the subscription of your choice

Please note, that if you downgrade your subscription, you need to make sure that the number of users in your organization does not exceed the user limit of the new plan.


Press the upgrade/downgrade subscription button at the bottom of the screen to save changes.

You can change your subscription plan at any time without losing money. Scrum Mate applies proration when changing plans, so the first payment amount may be smaller than the one indicated in the price list.

Downloading your invoices

Premium subscribers receive an invoice for each payment. Scrum Mate sends the invoice from the email address. However, if you need older invoices, you can access them via the invoices page.

Invoices created after March 2017 are available via this page. If you need an invoice for your earlier payment we’re happy to send it to you. Please contact us at

Canceling subscription

We'll be sorry to see you go, but you can cancel your payment method at any time. Your Scrum Mate portfolio remains active until your current subscription expires.


Open the ‘Subscription and payment’ on your settings page


Press the (Cancel subscription) label next to the plan name


Confirm that you really want to cancel the subscription