Create a new project

Scrum Mate allows your organization to manage an unlimited number of projects. Only organization admins and the owner can create new projects.

Step 1: Click on the New project item on the left navigation panel

Step 2: Enter the name of the new project and press [Create]

On the new project dialog, you can enter the name of your project. 

Scrum Mate will fill the Project code field automatically, based on the first 4 digits of a single-word project name, or the first letters of a project name with more words. The project code is a short identifier of the project used as a prefix before story IDs. 

You can overwrite the automatically created project code at any time. You can use a project code with up to 12 digits.

Step 3: Your project is ready to collect work

Once you created your project, you need to connect it to one or more teams who can pull work from the backlog to their board.