Connect projects with team boards

In Scrum Mate, projects and teams strongly depend on each other. Projects are the collection of unfinished work, delivered work and reports. To make progress with a project you need to connect it to a team. Teams are a group of people within an organization. To perform work, a team needs a connected project to work on. You can connect many teams to a project, and a team can work on more than one project.

Organization owners and admins can connect teams and projects.

Connect a team to a new project

Once you created your first project, you can start collecting stories in its backlog. When you want to start working on a project, you connect it with a team.

Click on the project name at the application header to open the project menu.

Click on 'Connect a team' at the drop-down menu.

From the drop-down menu, you can select the teams you want to collect to this project.

Move the mouse pointer over a team name and click on the [Connect] button.

If you want to connect the project to a team that doesn't exist yet, you can create the team by selecting the '(+) Create new team' option.

Connect or disconnect a team from a project

If your project is already connected to one or more teams, organization owners and admins can change the connection settings at any time.

When you open the project menu, the drop-down list will contain the connected teams to help you to quickly navigate to related teams.

Click on the 'More' option on the drop-down menu to open the project settings menu extension. Select the '*Connect / disconnect teams*' option.

The 'connected teams' menu appears. Connected teams' names are highlighted with a bold font and with the 'connected' label.

You can disconnect a team by moving the mouse pointer over a connected team's name and clicking the [Disconnect] button.

If the team's board you're about to disconnect contains stories from the project, all stories will be moved back to the backlog of the project.