Delivered Stories

Scrum Mate collects delivered stories in the delivered list.

You can list delivered stories from two perspectives.

  • Stories delivered of a project
  • Stories delivered by from a team board

Delivered stories of a project

The delivered stories of a project list show all stories that are delivered in the project by any teams.

To open the delivered list, click on the 'Delivered' option on the main navigation menu of the project.

The delivered list looks very similar to the backlog. Just like with the backlog, you can use filters in the delivered list.

The list is ordered by the delivery date. User stories delivered most recently are displayed at the top of the list. The delivered list shows the total work logged to user stories. 

Please note, that you can’t edit user story estimations of user stories in the delivered list. This restriction is necessary to maintain the integrity of the delivery reports and the delivered list.

Stories delivered from the team board

If you want to review what stories a team has delivered, you can navigate to the 'Delivered by team' menu item on the main menu.

Restoring user stories from the delivered list

If you delivered an item accidentally, you can move it back to the product backlog or the team board. Move the mouse pointer over the item you’d like to restore and select the ‘…more’ icon.

Select ‘Move back to Backlog’ or 'Move back to board' option from the popup menu.

After restoring the user story, you can find it at the top of the product backlog.