Notification settings

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Scrum Mate can notify you of important events.

Here is the full list of events when Scrum Mate sends you a notification.

  •        Someone assigns you to a story or task.
  •        Someone mentions you in a comment.
  •        A sprint starts or ends on a board you are working on.
  •        Someone modifies a user story you are subscribed to.

Scrum Mate notifies you within the app via the notification indicator at the top header.

Click on the bell icon to review your notifications.

Email notifications

By default, Scrum Mate sends you an email notification when any of the above-mentioned events happen.

Scrum Mate doesn’t send emails immediately after events to prevent email flood, it sends you an email digest in every 50 minutes that contains all the important events.

To turn email notifications on and off, open the settings page and select ‘Notifications’ from the General section on the left navigation panel.

Direct message via Slack

If you want to receive notifications immediately, we highly recommend subscribing to the industry-leader Slack messaging service. Notifications from Scrum Mate are forwarded to Slack immediately.

Read this article to learn more about setting up Slack integration.