Stories and Tasks Overview

Scrum Mate is an agile management tool with a strong background of Scrum and Kanban. The term user story is widely used in agile software development to describe small functionality that will be visible to the user. User stories are outcomes that represent value to our customer or end user. Tasks, on the other hand, are actions we need to perform to deliver results.

Efficiency is about delivering more outcomes. Therefore, Scrum Mate is designed to help teams to focus on results (stories) while enabling team members to track tasks smoothly. In Scrum Mate, tasks are always connected to a story. Here are some examples of stories and tasks.

Story Taks

Website visitors can search for a text in articles
and browse the list of items containing the sought text.
Deploy search engine.
Index articles in the search engine.
Design the layout of search results.
Implement search feature backend.
Implement search frontend.

As a content marketing team, we want to publish a 
new article about agile software development
to increase our visibility on the web.
Brainstorm on content ideas.
Perform keyword research.
Write article outline.
Write article.
Proofread article.
Publish the article on our blog.
Share article on Twitter and Facebook.