Import boards from Trello

You can import existing Trello boards with their cards to Scrum Mate. Since stories belong to a project in Scrum Mate, you can initiate the import process from the project you want to add the imported Trello cards. During the import, Scrum Mate creates a team for all imported Trello boards and connects those boards to the project.

Step 1: Navigate to the project where you want to add the cards from Trello. Open the project menu.

Select the 'Connect a team' option. If there are teams connected to the project, you can find it under the 'More' section of the menu.

Step 2: The 'Select a team to connect' popup menu appears. Select the 'Import team boards from Trello' option at the bottom of the menu.

Step 3: Allow Scrum Mate to use your Trello account. Scrum Mate requests for the minimum access level that is neccessary to read your Trello boards.

Step 4: Select the Trello boards you want to import. All boards will be imported as a new team board and all cards will be added to the project, from where you started the import process.

Step 5: Select the users you want to associate with an existing Scrum Mate user, or with a new user you want to invite to Scrum Mate. When you import cards from Trello, Scrum Mate can replace Trello users with an associated Scrum Mate user when imported to Scrum Mate. This allows your team to continue working on your Trello projcect seamlessly in Scrum Mate.

Click on the [Finish import] button to finish the process.

Step 6: Your Trello cards and boards are available in Scrum Mate.

Trello cards are added to the project. After closing the dialog window, you can review them on the 'On board' section of the backlog. You can navigate to the new team boards via the main project menu.