Manage your work logs

If you need to track and report your time spent on work in a straightforward way, check out the ‘My work logs’ page. The ‘My work logs’ page summarizes all your logged work using a calendar view and lets you manage your work logs from a single space.

To navigate to the “My work logs” page, click on the “My work” item on the left navigation menu. Once in the My Work page, select the “My work logs” item from the top bar. 

A calendar view will appear showing your total recorded work for each day.

To navigate through the calendar, you can use the small arrow icons located on the top and to the right side of the calendar. Click on the left or right arrow above the calendar to navigate to the previous or next month.

To see a list of stories containing your logged work for a particular day, all you need to do is click on that day in the calendar. Once you click on a specific date, you will be able to see a list of all the stories you worked on that day, organized by projects, or by organizations (if you work for more than one organization). 

If you want to review specific work log entries, you can drill down to the work log entries level in the list and see an outline of all the entries that add up to the total amount of logged work.

You can add days to the selection just by clicking on any of the unselected days in the calendar and remove days from the selection by clicking on already selected days. 

Select a date range

You can also select a date range, by clicking on the [Select range] button at the top of the calendar or the selected days’ information located above the story list.

The date range selector calendar appears, and from there,  you will be able to choose a predefined date range or a custom range.

Add new work logs

You can also add new work log entries from the “My work logs” page.

To log work on a specific work item in the list, hover the mouse pointer over a row in the list and then click on the (+) icon next to the logged work value.

To log work on any story or task, click on the [Log work] button at the bottom of the work item list.

A story finder popup will appear showing the list of stories from your ‘My to-dos’ list and with a search input field. You can use the search input field to narrow down the list of items from the ‘My to-dos’ list or to locate any stories from any project you have access to in Scrum Mate.

Select the work item where you want to add a new work log.

The work log input popup will appear showing all the work log entries logged by you on this story.

To add a new work log, enter the time spent on a work item into the input field, add an optional description, and select the date you want to log it into.

Tip: the default input metric is in minutes by default, but you can also add hours by typing an “h” letter next to the number. For example, you can type “4h 30m” to log four hours and thirty minutes of work.

If you want to log work to a task in a story, you can select the task from the drop-down menu at the top of the work log input field.