Archive a project

If you don’t want to work on a project in the foreseeable future, you can archive it. Archiving is a lightweight operation in Scrum Mate, you can unarchive a project at any time.

You need to be an organization admin or organization owner to archive a project.

To archive a project, navigate to the project settings page.

  • Open the project menu on the application header.
  • Open more options on the popup menu and select the 'Settings' item.

On the project settings page, click on the [Archive this project] button.

When you archive a project:

  • The project will disappear from the left navigation panel unless the project is on your favorites list.
  • If you archive a project that has stories on a team board, those stories will remain on the team’s board.
  • You can’t connect an archived project to a board.
  • You can’t move a story from another project to an archived project.
  • Stories from archived projects won’t be shown as a search result in a story search unless it is on a team board.

Open an archived project

If you want to browse the content of an archived project, you can make them visible on the left navigation panel and navigate to the project backlog. To unfold archived projects, move the mouse pointer over the ‘Projects’ label. Click on the ‘...’ icon and select the “Show archived projects” menu item.

Unarchive a project

If you want to work on an archived project, you can unarchive it at any time. 

To unarchive a project, open the settings page. 

Navigate to the ‘Projects’ tab, and select the project you want to unarchive from the ‘Archived projects’ section.

Click on the [Unarchive] button.