Project work log reports

Work log reports show a summary report of all logged work related to a project, categorized by topics. 

To review a report of all logged work, navigate to the “Reports” page of the projects, and select the work summary tab.

The report shows all the stories that contain a work log from the past month.

You can modify the period of the report using the date pickers at the top of the work log summary.

If you collect stories into topics in your project, the report shows work log summaries grouped by topics. Click on a topic to expand individual stories and subtopics.

Logged work by team members

If you want to review how the total work is distributed by individual team members, click on the [i] icon located on the right side of the report or the report row.

A report showing the total logged work by team members will appear on a pop-up window.

Export work logs to Excel

If you want to process the data further, you can export the work log report into an Excel spreadsheet. The export will contain each individual work log entry so that you can create your custom pivot report later.

Export work logs from all projects

You can create a work log report that contains work log data from all projects.

You need an organization admin or owner role to perform this operation.

If you are an organization admin or owner, and there is more than one project in your organization, you will see the […] icon next to the Excel export button. 

Click on the icon and the “Export work logs from all projects in organization” item. 

Creating custom work reports

You can access all work log data via a public API and create a custom report in your preferred data visualization tool.

Check the Scrum Mate API reference guide to learn more.