GitHub Integration

When you attach a URL of a GitHub issue, branch, commit or pull request, Scrum Mate will recognize a GitHub URL and turn it into an informative preview.

To attach a GitHub URL, click on the attach button of a story card, or press the [A] key on your keyboard when the story card is open.

Paste a URL to a GitHub issue, commit, pull-request or branch to the URL input field.

Click on the Attach button to add the attachment to the card.

To access the GitHub previews, you need to connect your GitHub account to Scrum Mate.

When you first encounter an attached GitHub URL on your story card, click on the 'Connect your GitHub' account link to allow Scrum Mate to present more details of the GitHub data.

If you ever want to disconnect your GitHub account, go to your settings page, select GitHub and click on the 'Disconnect' button.