Finding a story

The search panel helps you to find any story in Scrum Mate. This article explains how to use the search feature.

To launch the search panel, click on the magnifier icon at the top menu bar

Start typing the text you want to search for and you can see the search results almost immediately. You can browse the story cards in the search result with a quick preview on the right side of the panel.

Edit or locate a story from the search result

When you find the story you’re looking for, you can open and edit it right from the search panel, or you can navigate to the location of the story card.

  • To edit the story card, press the [ENTER] key
  • To navigate to the location of the card, press [CMD] + [ENTER] on mac or [CTRL] + [ENTER] on a PC

You can also move the mouse pointer over the story on the search results and click on the “locate” or “open card” icon.

What data fields are scanned when searching for a text?

At the moment, the search feature looks for text in the following fields of a story card.

  • Story title
  • Story ID
  • Story description

In the future, we’ll add more fields to this list.

What stories can I see in the search results?

The search result includes up to 15 stories ordered by similarity rank. Stories that include the search text in their title get a higher rank than stories that include the text in their description field only.

If there are 15 items in the search result, there might be other stories in Scrum Mate that match your searching criteria but were ranked lower, so you can’t see them in the search result. In this case, extend your search text to refine the search result.

The search result contains stories that you have the sufficient access right to view.

Narrowing the scope of the search

Often you have a fairly good idea where the story you’re looking for may be located. 

To make sure that the search result won’t be messed up with inappropriate stories, you can narrow the scope of your search.

  • Search in the related project only. To search for stories in the current project only, switch the “Search globally” option off.
  • If you want to search for stories that aren’t delivered yet, exclude delivered items by switching the “Include delivered” option off.