Due dates

If your team has a strict deadline to finish a work, you can add due dates to stories and tasks to indicate that constraint.

Setting a due date for a task or story

Click on the [Due date] field to set a due date for a story or task. 

You can quickly recognize stories with due dates on the board or in the backlog from the small indicator at the bottom-left position of the card.

Changing or removing the due date

If you want to change or remove a due date, click on the date field on the story or task card.

  • Select a new date to change due date
  • Click on [Clear due date] button to remove the due date

Filtering stories by due date

If you want to focus on stories with a due date, you can filter the backlog or board view to stories that are due today, tomorrow or before a specific date.

To focus on stories with a due date, click on the filter icon on the top right section of the backlog or board.

Click on the due date option and select the time range of the due date you want to focus on.

You can also start typing in the name of the option.
For example, if you want to filter to stories where due date is on this week start typing “this week” into the filter input field.

You can choose from three options when filtering stories to due dates.

  • Due today. Filters the backlog to stories that are due exactly today. (Won’t show past due stories.)
  • Due this week. Shows stories that are due this week. Either due or past due.
  • Due before custom date. Shows all stories with due dates before the specified dates.

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