Google Hangouts Chat Integration

You can turn a Google Hangouts Chat room into a project journal, so team members can stay up to date on activities performed on any board or backlog in Scrum Mate. By sending the events to a Google Hangouts Chat room, you can gather all events into a single place.

You need to be an organization owner or admin in Scrum Mate to connect a backlog or board to a Hangouts Chat room.

Connecting your Hangouts Chat and Scrum Mate accounts

To connect a Scrum Mate board or backlog to a Hangouts Chat room follow these simple steps.


Open Hangouts Chat

You can initiate the Hangouts Chat - Scrum Mate integration from your Hangouts Chat room.  Navigate to your Google Hangouts Chat room .


Add the Scrum Mate bot to a Hangouts Chat room

The simplest method to add Scrum Mate bot to the chat room is to start a new conversation in the chat room, and mention Scrum Mate bot. 

Type in the following message in Hangouts Chat:

@Scrum Mate

You'll receive the following answer from the chat bot.

Another way to invite the Scrum Mate bot is to select the 'Add people & bots' command from the Hangouts Chat Room menu.

Now, the Scrum Mate bot can receive your messages.


Login to your Scrum Mate user account

When setting up the integration, you need to be authorized in both Scrum Mate and Hangouts chat. So, the next step is to create a connection between your Hangouts chat and Scrum Mate accounts.

Send the ‘ @Scrum Mate login’ message from Hangouts Chat.

Type in the following message

@Scrum Mate login

Scrum Mate will reply with the following message.

Click on [Configure] button to check the account you’re logged in to Scrum Mate. (If you’re not logged in to Scrum Mate, you’ll be asked to login.)

Click on [ Connect account] button to pair your Scrum Mate and Google accounts. If you want to pair your Hangouts Chat account with a different Scrum Mate user account, click on ‘Use different Scrum Mate account’ and login to Scrum Mate with your other account.

Now, that your accounts are paired, you are authorized to set up how Scrum Mate posts to your Hangouts Chat room.


Connect Hangouts Chat room to your Scrum Mate Organization

Connect the organization in Scrum Mate to the Hangouts Chat room by clicking the 'CONNECT [YOUR ORGANIZATION's NAME]' button in the message that appeared in your conversation. You'll navigate to your settings page in Scrum Mate, where you can select target rooms for events on boards and backlogs.

If you are the Owner or Admin of multiple Scrum Mate organizations, all of them will be listed in the message. Select the Scrum Mate Organization you want to connect to the actual chat room.

Well done, your integration is set up!

If someone connects an organization to a Hangouts Chat room, all Scrum Mate admins and the organization owner will be able to set up that room as a target room for every backlog or board within that organization.

Setting up target room for events in boards and backlogs

Once any of the organization admins or the owner connected a Scrum Mate organization to a Hangouts Chat room, they can set a room as a recipient room for event notifications from boards and backlogs.

Click on a drop-down list next to the backlog or board name to select the target room for notifications of events that were performed on the board or backlog.

Adding more Hangouts Chat rooms

If you want to add other chat rooms, all you need is to add the Scrum Mate bot to the room you want to make available for Scrum Mate integration.

Select the ‘Add people & bots’ command from the Hangouts Chat Room menu or send ‘@Scrum Mate’ message from the new room.

Once you added Scrum Mate to a room, you can select it from the drop-down menu on the Hangouts Chat integration page in Scrum Mate.

Disconnecting Google Hangouts Chat and Scrum Mate

If you want to terminate all connections between Hangouts Chat and Scrum Mate, you can do that be sending the ' @Scrum Mate disconnect' message from Hangouts Chat.

Warning! Sending the '@Scrum Mate disconnect' message will unlink your Hangouts Chat and Scrum Mate accounts and will remove all integrations you set up between backlogs, boards and Hangouts Chat rooms.