My Todos

The 'My todos' page is the collection of all user stories you are assigned. Even if you're a member of many organizations in Scrum Mate, the 'My Todos' page shows you all the user stories you joined.

Scrum Mate updates your to-do list in real-time, so whenever someone makes changes on a story card in its original location, it'll be updated on your to-do list immediately.

What stories are on my to-do list?

Your to-do list contains all user stories you joined (or someone else assigned you). You can join directly to a user story or via joining to a task within the user story.

Working with user stories and tasks from ‘My todos’

If you are assigned to tasks on a user story, you can see the top 3 of your tasks right on your to-do list. You can mark tasks as completed with a single click.

If other users are also assigned to a task, marking the task as complete will remove it from everybody’s to-do list.

You can make edits on a user story right from ‘My todos’ list. Just click on the story title and open the card to edit.

You can navigate to the original location of the card by clicking on the URL above the card.

Ordering the to-do list

The user story you joined most recently will show up at the top of your list. You can reorder your list at any time, but newly assigned user stories will always be placed at the top of your list.

Focusing on important to-dos

You can pin user stories to help you focus on the most important items. 

If you want to narrow your to-do list to pinned items only, switch the toggle button to ‘Show pinned items only’ state.

Removing a user story from my to-do list

Scrum Mate removes a user story from your to-do list when all of your tasks are marked as done and you’re not joined to the card directly. (Only via tasks.)

If you joined directly to a story card, it will be removed from your to-do list when the card is moved to the completed (last) column on a board, or to the Delivered list.

You can also remove the card from your to-do list if you remove yourself from the card.

Removing yourself from a user story or completing all your tasks won’t remove the card from your list immediately. This is to prevent the accidental removal of a card from your list.

Click on the [Clear now] button to remove the card immediately.

If you don’t clear a completed card from your to-do list immediately, it will be removed next time you load the ‘My todos’ page.