Log work on stories and tasks

You can log work for both tasks and user stories. To add a work log a card, click on the ‘Log work’ icon or press the [ L] key when the card is in focus. 

You can also click on the work log summary to add new work log.

You can enter time values in an easy and natural way. By default, time is entered in minutes. If you want to enter hours or days, put an ‘h’  or ‘d ’ letter after the value. You can enter multiple values into the input field, Scrum Mate will sum them and  record as  a single time value.

Viewing all work logs

You view all work logs recorded in a user story or task. Click on the work log summary on the card.

On the work log popup, click on ‘Sow all’.

Deleting a work log

To delete a work log, move the mouse pointer over the work log you want to delete and click on the red ‘X’ on the right side of the record. Confirm to delete the log.

You can’t delete a work log recorded by someone else. You can only delete work logs that are recorded by you.