Working with tasks

A user story is an achievement that provides value to the customer or the development team. To deliver that value, team members usually need to accomplish tasks.

Adding a task to a user story

To add the first task to a user story, click on the ‘Add task’ button at the card toolbar, or press the [ T ] key.

Once you’ve added at least one task to the story, you can click on the ‘Add task’ label to add a new task.

Changing the order of tasks

To change the order of the tasks, move the mouse pointer over the task and drag the dragging tool on the left.

Assigning users to tasks

The quickest way to assign a user to a task is to click on the user icon on the task hover menu. To access the hover menu, move the mouse pointer over a task on the story card.

Select the team members, you want to assign to the task.

You can also assign users to a task from the task card, using the bottom menu bar of the task card.

When you assign a team member to a task, she will be also assigned to the user story. 

A number in a yellow circle on the user’s profile photo will show how many tasks is she or he assigned to.