Attach a file or image to a story or task

You can attach documents to the story card using the following methods.
  • Drag&drop a file to the card
  • Select a file from your computer
  • Add an image from the drive (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox)
  • Copy an image to the clipboard and paste it while the story or task card is opened (Google Chrome only)

About attachments

Documents attached from your device will be stored on Amazon S3 storage service. Attachments are limited to 10MB per attachment.

About attachment security.  The URLs for the attachments are cryptographically unguessable, meaning that no one is going to be able to guess your attachment URL. However, if you share the URL for an attachment, anyone with the URL will be able to see the attachment

If you want enhanced security, we recommend using Google Drive or Dropbox Pro.


You can attach documents stored in your Dropbox storage. This will link your document stored on Dropbox to your card. Deleting an attachment in Scrum Mate will not delete the document from Dropbox.

About Dropbox attachment security. If you have a Dropbox Premium account, you can set up who can access your documents in your Dropbox settings at Please note that by default anyone who knows the attachment URL will be able to access the documents stored in your Dropbox account. If you want enhanced security, we recommend using Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox Pro.

Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

You can attach documents from your Google Drive or OneDrive account. Attachments from Google Drive or OneDrive simply link back to your storage.  It’s useful to know, that Documents that are attached with Google Drive or OneDrive can be edited and saved in their respective applications and do not need to be downloaded, saved, and reattached to your card.

About Google Drive and One Drive attachment security. You can specify fine-grained access to files via the Google Drive and OneDrive interface.