Archive a Tag or Tag Category

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Sometimes you don’t want to assign a tag to new user stories anymore, but you need to keep the tag for reporting purposes. For example, if you use tags to mark the planned release version, when your development team release that version, you don’t want to assign that tag to user stories anymore. It’s a good idea to archive that tag to get it away under your feet during your daily work.

Archiving a tag or tag category

Open the Tags panel

On a tag or tag category, open the ‘…more’ menu

Select the ‘Archive’ option from the drop-down menu

Warning! Archiving a tag category archives all tags within the category!

Showing/hiding archived tags on the tags panel

If you want to use an archived tag for reporting or filtering the backlog or delivered items you can make archived tags visible on the tag panel.

Open the Tags panel, and select the ‘Show archived’ menu option from the Tags panel ‘…more’ menu.

Unarchiving an archived tag or category

Make sure that you have enabled to show archived tags on the Tags panel. Archived tags are pale to indicate that they are not active.

On an archived tag, open the ‘… more’ menu

Select ‘Unarchive’

Unarchiving any tag from an archived category will result in the category to be unarchived as well. Other archived tags will remain archived.