Assign a story to a topic

You can assign a user story to a topic in two ways.

Drop a story to a topic

Open the Topics panel.

Drop the story to the topic you want the story to assign.

If you work on a team's board that is connected to more than one projects, you can drop the story to another topic from the same project.

Tip: in the backlog, you can select multiple stories by holding down the ‘Shift’ or ‘Ctrl/Cmd’ keys and clicking on different stories.

Select the topic on the story card

You can assign a user story to a topic by clicking on the topic selector at the top left corner of the card.

If you don’t want the story to be assigned to any topics, so you want to remove the story from the selected topic click on the selected topic on the popup. The selection will be removed. Click the [Done] button on the ‘Select topic’ popup.