Using work-in-progress limits on columns

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Work-in-progress (WIP) limits help the team to work with a low inventory of unfinished work. WIP limits are set up to columns. If the number of cards in a column exceeds the WIP limit, it turns into red, to notify the team that they are breaking a rule.

Only users with "Manage" access right to the board can edit WIP limits.

Setting WIP limit

Open the column header menu and select "Set Work in Progress limit"

Enter the limit for the number of cards for the column (positive integer number) into the popup editor

Press Enter or click outside the editor popup to save the WIP limit

Changing or removing the WIP limit

  • If you want to change the WIP limit of a column, click on the WIP limit indicator on the column header, edit the value and press Enter to save.
  • To remove the WIP limit, delete the number from the WIP limit popup editor, or select “Clear Work in Progress limit” from the header popup menu.