Review the change history

Scrum Mate tracks every changes made on the backlog, board or a card. 

Review changes of a board or backlog

You can review what happened in the backlog or a board on the Activities Panel. To open the Activities Panel, click on the activities icon on the top right menu section.

The activities panel will slide over, where you can review all activities on the board or backlog.

Review the change history of cards

Scrum Mate records all activities that were performed on story cards and tasks.
Team members can easily review those changes on the ‘Activities’ panel of a card.

Review changes in the story description

On the ‘Activities’ panel, changes are represented as single actions. However, changes made in the description can be complex, and you may want to review the details of what has changed.
To review the changes of the descriptions, simply click on a description change record to open the change view panel.

There, you can see what has been added, and what has been deleted from the description.