Import user stories from an Excel spreadsheet

You can import a list of user stories from an Excel document into Scrum Mate using a template Excel spreadsheet.

Step 1: Select “Bulk add stories” from the more menu in the backlog

Step 2: Download the sample Excel file

Step 3: Fill in the sample Excel spreadsheet with the stories you want to import to Scrum Mate. You can use the following fields.

  • Story name
  • Story descriptions
  • Size (estimation)

Step 4: Drop the Excel file onto the popup window or select “Click here to browse” to select the file using your operating system's file browser. The user stories will be imported below the selected backlog item. If there was no selected backlog item, Scrum Mate will import the new items to the top of the backlog.

Tip: all imported user stories will get a new tag that indicates the date and time of the import to help you easily select newly imported backlog items.