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Topics help agile teams to keep the backlog tidy and organized. Often the biggest challenge for agile teams is to select the most valuable work to do next. With backlogs, there are two contradicting challenges a product owner face with:

  • Keep the backlog short to make it easy to read and prioritize.
  • Record everything the team needs to accomplish to make it a reliable source of work ahead of us.

Scrum Mate offers topics to help product owners to fulfill both requirements of managing a product backlog. You can organize topics into a hierarchy, so you can represent your work breakdown structure with topics. What can you Scrum Mate Topics use for?

  • Topics can represent agile epics or themes.
  • Topics can represent clients and projects running for clients.
  • Topics can represent milestones within projects.

Topics have the following key features that help agile teams staying at the top of backlogs.

  • Topic hierarchy
  • Filter backlog items based on topics
  • Group user stories that are in the same topic within the backlog
  • Track the progress of completing user stories within a topic

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